Geocaching Map to List

This is an experimental version of my Geocaching Map to List userscript, targetted at Firefox Mobile (Fennec) on Android devices. The script adds a link to the Search bar on the Geocaching Maps website that takes you to the old-fashioned text based listing of geocaches, centred on the area you had been looking at on the map. This is especially handy for mobile devices, where the popup markers aren't working on Geocaching Maps - the script gives you an alternative way of reaching the geocache details. See the page for the script to see what it is supposed to do.

Since Greasemonkey is not available on Android, the userscript is compiled into a Firefox Mobile Addon. It should run on Fennec v4.0.1 and above, but v10 or higher is recommended. Due to bugs in the Electrolysis system used in Fennec Firefox, the script may not run properly if started and restarted in earlier versions of the browser.

Install Geocaching Map2List !

The addon was compiled using the experimental GreaseVervet userscript compiler.